Alkaline Water Delivered in 5 Gallon Jugs!
Alkaline 5 Gallon Jugs Delivered to your Home and/or Office

You can now enjoy Tru Alka in 5 Gallon Jugs

For only $14.95 per jug, you can have Alkalkine water delivered to your door. Tru Alka has made it very easy to have great water in your home and office.

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Keep your body hydrated with Tru Alkaline water and enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Truly stable 9-10 PH with negative (-) ions (ORP)
  • Supreme Tru' Hydration
  • Truly smooth and awesome taste
  • Enhanced with Electrolytes
  • Tru' is a proprietary formula
  • Helps to create an Alkaline balance
  • Tru' source of natural calcium in ionic form
  • Conquer Acidity with Tru'
  • Truly a highly oxygenated water
  • Tru' Alkaline Water
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